Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the sun hat...

i just so fell in love with this easy to do sun hat... this isjust a basic hat what was modified lil bit and looks cool... i cannot help my self makin the second of it... still using the same yarn..peaches and cream and no 8 tulip hook. this one i started will waiting for my car radiator to be fix... just imaging this is the result of 30 mins waiting... superfast...coz the yarn is thick.. and the hook is big...hehehe... now i has to deal with my laziness to pick t back and finish it...:-P . it's just a few round to finish.. Let me share the pattern. Alla Koval the famous crochet designer has done a great job to reincarnate the super duper easy pattern ( i did when i was 12 and first learn to crochet) into a very sophistcated creation.


  1. Cantiknya this color!!!
    and thanks for the pattern!

  2. Thanks Umm... boleh cuba... sangat senang dan hasilnya sangat cantik...

  3. Thanks for given a nice post. I got a good idea to making a sun hat.This is easy to make a sun hat.

    Sun Hat


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