Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the purple booties...

Hi guys... lately i am hook up into crochet until i forgot about my knitting project. this is a very simple knitted booties that i am currently working on and hope to finish by this weekend. Hmmm...aan like others i have a syndrome of finishing one of the two in a pair... i hate knitting and crocheting things that have 2 in a pair... socks.. slippers ..what else..huhu... looks like i have to overcome it if i want to finish this booties.
this is the current work in progress... not so much yet... still not moving for quite sometime...

This booties made up from a verrrrry simple patterns suits the beginner in knitting... and the end result is quite impressive. What you need to have a pair of knitting needles. 3 mm will work out best but mine is slightly bigger...I tried to knit with satay stick but it turns out to be smaller.yet the sticth is neater.. so it means if you want to knit it using satay stick you need to cast on more than 25 sticthes.

yearghhh... i am writing this entrance while running a very high load report that took almost 30 mins to process..and i need to do it today. tomorrow is my judgement day in the week where every wednesday we have a management meeting and i need to share the scrap cost performance..and heck last week was a bad week.. and looks like i am gonna be torn into pieces by the other piranha tomorrow...:-(... oooh... i dont want to talk about this... i am still in the workplace now as i have to wait for my hubby to fecth me up today... my 8 years car is giving problem for the first time and it laid in the workshop now.. i think my car become jealous because now i dont have to spent my monthly wage on it anymore...that why la it start to demand for money...sob..sob..oooh... what i am babling about now....??

ok back to the booties.. that ...uaahhh...feel lazy to write la... will continue at home tonite it i still have some spare energy.. and fuhhhh... the report finally published... see ya at home... wait ar... gonna share with u all the pattern...

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