Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Afghan sticth- the bridge between crochet and knitting

I crochet when i was 12, learn to knit from books and internet 12 years later ( still no youtube at that time if not mylife will be much easier..)when i was 24, now after 12 years at 36 i fel in love with afghan stitch. a very super duper easy stich that i never park in my mind before. wow.. a good cycle though .. once every 12 years...

This art of crochet also known as tunisian crochet ( well... i believe it is originated from tunisia base on the name ...:-P ). You basically need a different type of crochet hook to do this. it is called afghan hook , a similar crochet hook but a long one... normally around 22 to 30 cm. There is also a cable type afghan hook. so far i never found the hook around my town. So i just use normal aluminium crochet hook ( the big one) , size G ( n0 8). it still can perform the task but with limited size. i have to tied the end of the hook with rubber band so the loop wont slip away. the maximum loop i can hold with this hook is 50 loops.. really not bad eh? the 50 loop is enough to make one side of my 6 years old daughter's sweater... cool...

what i like most about this sticth is , the end product is almost similar with knitting product but i dont have to carry the knitting needle anywhere to finish it. Its just me , the yarn and 1 crochet hook. knitting-a love - hate relationship

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