Tuesday, December 25, 2012

build to stock

this is my todo list and before i lost i should documented it.
1. I book a booth at my work place on 15 Jan and i need to prepare for the booth with craft items.the items in my list are:
  •  10 pcs of queen fitted bedsheet ( of course with pillow case and bolster case)
  •  10 Pcs of single fitted bedsheet
  •  10 pcs of kitchen towel with crochet sunflower on the top
  •  100 Pcs of ribbon clip ( for my staffs to do it, hope both of them can coop with it)
  •  100 pcs hair alligator clips with organza and satin flower  for both of them to finish in 2 weeks time
  •  24 pcs of crochet coin purse( for them to do)
  •  12 pcs crochet handphone case ( for them to do)
  •  10 pairs of flip flop with crochet flower (for me to do)
  •  5 pcs of crochet tissue cover ( for me to do and teach them how to do it)
  •  12 pcs of crochet baby hats ( available)
  •  12 pcs of cloth baby hat ( need to sew it ...of course me la)
  •  3 dozen of cloth and ribbon brooch
  • Five aprons ( for me to sew)
2. i need to finish the floral hooded blanket and hand it over to the owner by today since she has delivered the baby girl on the chrismas day which was yesterday ( my schedule slippage as usual). since  it  have pass the due date i am thinking of giving the blanket as present to her baby....:-) so i can feel less sinful..:-P

3. my friend ask me whether i can crochet a baby set for her sisters baby girl ( layette , mittens, hat and booties) i dont  have a heart to say no so i said, wait i try to do it first and if i cannot do it by next week ( which is this week) i have to say no and she said ok.. she will wait for it ( gulp... looks like i am cutting my own throat:-(  )

4. on top of that my kids school uniform still in fabric foam...lying under the sewing machine table. so no choice have to buy a pair for each and try to sew the fabric into school uniform during this coming weekend.

feel suffocated  and stress for me? eehehehe... please do...tq peeps... hope that i can handle this well..

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