Friday, October 14, 2011

i need a space...(for my yarns)

we are a nomad living between 2 places... the initial idea is we will stay in our apartment on penang island on weekdays as it will be near to, workplace ( except my hubby workplace). Then we will be going to our real house on the mainland over the weekend...but the plan doesnt work well.. we r lazy to go back... we went back for a while just to check the house (even its just 10 mins drive ) then come back to our aprtment...and now with the 4 kids in 900 sq ft apartment we are having the space crisis. in the other house 1 have 2 rooms for my stuffs... one is the small bibik room downstair near the kitchen and another one is my sewing room. my runaway bibik use to call it bilik menyulam ibu... and its quite big 15X 15 sqft i guess..... with rack like craft shop...i even have one rack in the storeroom under the stair case to accomodate my crafts thingssss...(its a lot... i have a habit of buying and not using...hehehe). some of it is the leftover stock from my craftstore that doesnt really work well last time... i guess i pick not proper location and not agood biz plan.. its more like a wrong decision i had made to help a dear lifelong-fren who is later not helping me back...**sign*** so i close the store and have tons of craftng items not sold... i pick some of it and bring back to my house. i just lost the zest to sell it online...+ my bz schedule stop me from doing mum said you can sell it in bulk with the cheap price to any craftstore... but i feel sayang with all those thng so that's it.. i just keep it..hehehe in my mums store in my hometown....
i need and advise how to store yarns and crafting items in my small room in the apartment without making mess and disturb my roomate...:-). how you guys store it?

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