Saturday, January 8, 2011

from the treasure chest

This is a very old book that somehow was keep together with my crochet and knitting stuff... really forget where it came from. Dunno what book is this as the cover all torn apart. this show how to create a flower granny square.

knitting, a love hate relationship

if comparing between knitting and crochet, i prefer knitting end product much more, especially when creating garment.Personally i felt that crochet item is just suitable for decoration and not garment.Somehow i dont knit often , the reason is just simple... i hate bringing the needle everywhere.. while for crochet what you knit is just a short and small crochet hook and a yarn to creat the masterpiece. This is my current work in progress knot project which has been started more than a months ago...if its crochet i am sure i have finished so much earlier..

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