Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deenor Haberdashery BEAD IT contest ( pertandingan sulaman manik)

hi all, i would like to take this opportunity to announce that  we are having Deenor Haberdashery "Bead It" contest.
Dear all, The time to show off you beading work has come. Deenor Haberdashery is organizing it first "Bead It" contest. The contest open to all.

Here is the rules and regulation for the contest:
  1. The bead work must be original from the participant.
  2. No restriction for the artwork . It can be mix with other such as embroidery or crochet or long as it has bead on it ...and it is beautiful...;P
  3. One participant is entitle submit only one photos. So choose carefully and make sure you send the best of all
  4. The winner of the contest will be selected base on the most "LIKE" of the picture. You are free to share, forward or advertise your picture using any media.
  5. Closing date for the contest on 14 Mac 2012

The winners will Win:
  1. 1st prize winner - 10 packs of TOHO beads(Apple), 10 different color and a pack of bead needle, worth RM50
  2. 2nd price winner - 5 packs of TOHO beads (Apple), 5 different colors and a pack of bead needle worth RM25
  3. 3rd price winner -3 packs of TOHO beads (Apple), 5 different colors and a pack of bead needle worth RM15.
What you need to do is upload your photo to Deenor Haberdashery wall  ( , attach together this information:
  1. your facebook login
  2. Your artwork title
  3. remark the picture as "BEAD IT"
unqualified picture will be deleted by admin
Next, start to promote your picture to your frens and network. Please share this news... tq all

and opppsss.... you can buy the beads and material anywhere you like. But just incase you are short of time you can always buy it  at  Deenor Habedashery Online shop
 and for those in penang ... always can drop buy at our store located at 3A-3-34 Kompleks bukit jambul, penang...GOOD LUCK PEEPS....


Monday, February 27, 2012

knitting helping hand

When knitting a garment in rows, a new ball of yarn or a new color should always be joined at the beginning of the row. The neatest way is to make a reef knot by passing the end of the old ball of yarn from left to right over and then under the end from the new ball.Pass the same end from right to the left over and under the other end and tighten the knot.
When knitting a gurnsey in rounds, the ends of the old and new ball of yarn should always spliced together in the course of working a round.Unravel the ends of each ball and cut away one or 2 strands, then overlay the two ends from the opposite directions and twist them firmly together. The twisted ends should be the same thickness as orginal yarn. work a few stitches very carefully with the twisted yarns, trim away the ends

Monday, February 20, 2012

mengait guna kaedah entralac ( jarum 1)

Kaedah entralac boleh dipraktikkan untuk kedua2 kaitan samaada knitting atau crochet.w/b/pun Entralac teknik ni cam agak tidak biasa diamalkan di negara kita Malaysia ni. Mungkin sebab kat mesia ni kita tak banyak crochet benda2 yang tebal seperti blanket atau gebar. kaedah entralac ni menggunakan teknik tunisian crochet atau lebih popular dengan nama afghan crochet. Jarum atau hook yang digunakan untuk teknik ini ialah jarum crochet yang panjang. normally dalam 22 cm -32cm. panjang jarum akan menentukan lebar fabrik yang boleh dikait. saya ada share teknik tunisian crochet ni dalam post saya sebelum ni.
ni pulak gambar jarum yang digunakan untuk kaedah tunisian crochet ni. Jarum ni mr hubby belikan kat wallmart masa ke US dulu
tapi kalau untuk biasa2 punya saiz saya gunakan jarum crochet biasa jenama tulip yang gold kaler tu je..lepas tu ikat ngan getah rambut yang tebal kat hujungnya untuk elakkan stitch dari slip keluar dari jarum. guna jarum biasa yang panjangnya dalam +- 15 cm tu lepaslah untuk buat sweater budak umur dalam 6 tahun tu ( lebih kurang 50 hingga 70 stitch)
so berbalik kita ke entralac teknik. guna teknik ni bila kita nak buat diamond pattern .yang berlainan warna. kaeadh ni bagus bila kita ada banyak leftover yarn yang kita saya nak buang. boleh kait untuk buat selimut baby, sarung bantal, lapik pinggan dan sebagainya.
ni pulak beberapa link yang menunjukkan cara untuk crochet menggunakan kaedah entralac. Happy crocheting peeps.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A store at last

At last we have setup DEENOR HABERDASHERY physical store and now it has been operating its 10th days. Hopefully everything will be ok and May Allah show the way. Here is some sneak peek of the shop. Those in penang , or will be in penang do drop by. I encourage people to lepak there and do needle work stuffs there.  Jot down this address to tag it in your GPS : 3A-3-34 Kompleks bukit jambil , penang

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