Sunday, October 16, 2011

cool fisherman net thread...

i need to start work now... just to eager to share about thist...but just now on the way to work i crochet a few rows of HDC as the base of a small back that i am currently working on..yep... i feel good upon finishing Alisha's sun dress i start a new one even there are still many WIPs in the row. ...:PPPPPP..

the thread is the fisherman net thread in , color is soft brown...very cool color... normally for fisherman net thread the common color that you can find is white, softbrown or greenish yellow. i bought this thread for other purpose, but last few week i drop by at YIYI craft in queensbay and found they have bunch of very attractive bags using some kind of string looks like rafia , but softer , in cool dark brown color... and guess what it take to finish one bag? 4 or 5 rolls of it and each rolls will cost you RM35 ... so you do the maths... the bags inspired me... and here i am now.. kicking off my new bag with soft brown fisherman thread that cost me less than RM5... i am confident i dont need another roll to finish the will be enough. so peeps... wait for the end result... need to work now... see ya then...

2nd day progress

i should has finished crochet this if only the thread not finish... hehehe...when i said that i just need one roll to finish it , i just nonsense..looking at this most probaby i will need another 3 or 4 more rolls to finish it, including the handle. i might need more if i change my decision and turn this bag into a sling bag. currently i plan to crochet this into a short handle handbag ( what we call it?) . i plan to go out tonite to se if i can find this thread in stock somewhere. This color is quite rare... dont know whether i can find it or not...and i always regret i did not buy enough at the first time... So this is the 2nd day progress picture.

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