Sunday, November 21, 2010

great website on crochet and knitting

yeah i know there tons of websites out there talking aboout crochet and knitting... but this one sis different check it out: must write it here coz my favorite also has so many links....:-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

lots of grannies...

Many months ago i was pissed off with so many leftover yarns in my treasure chest... so i decided to crochet lots , lots of basic granny squary out of the leftovers.. but never necide what to do about it... i've created mess out of mess...:-) so today i assemble it back and gonna make a basic granny square vest, or cardie to my daugther.. if i manage to get it done by this weekend i will update you guys ok..

kat bawah ni ada satu video yang kurang bermutu tentang cara-cara membuat basic granny square:

knitted green vest

i've knitted this vest more than 10 years ago when i was pregnant to my eldest child.few months ago my third daughter found this vest lying among the old cloth in the store and she was so like it...and insist on wearing it. So that's how this old vest appear again..:-). this is among the first garment i knitted , using only the cheap Nona wool. knitted in garter stitch.

my third daughter, Ain Syazwani Lepas breakfast semalam

Thursday, November 18, 2010

yarn quest

hi all yarn lovers,

For those living in Malaysia will sure know how hard to get the good quality yarns. The only yarns you can find in normal yarn store is the typical 'benang bulu kambing' or wool that is not suitable for garment especially in our weather.I am glad that somebody has advertise the website selling high quality cotton yarns in this blog...and the prices is relatively cheaper compare to other yarn stores that sell high quality yarns can offer. In penang i found one at queensbay. The price there is almost double the price cottonhouse store can offer... great yeah? but know something at cottonstore if we buy in bulk ( means 20 and above ) we can get 25% discount which is Wowww!! great. but i dont need 20 yarns at a time..the most i need maybe only 4?

so gals ( n guys) if we all sum our orders together and exceed 20 yarns we can enjoy the wholesale price. I can accumulate the order and order it one time for you all. Then, when i receive the yarns i will ditribute to all of you. how about that?
so what you need to do is :
1. browse this website : look for your favourite yarns. get the code or copy the link. Both will do
2. come back here and email me your yarn selection with your name + address
dont forget to put the quantity
3. Wait until the consolidate order reach 20 skeins and Make your payment. I will send you my bank account to make payment
4. Done. your yarn will be deliver to your door steps.
delivery cost and repacking charge is 1.50/skein. so let say:
1. you bought 6 yarn from the store at the price of RM15
2. After discount 25% the price is RM11.25
3. but i need to open the yarn package and send it one by one to you all. so i charge RM1.50.
4. so total you have to pay for a RM15 yarn is RM 12.75. Which means you save rm 2.25/ skein.
5. you save a total of 6X1.25= RM 13.5. you can even buy another high quality yarn with that price
which is a big deal think about it and let me know....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Topi Mickey mouse

The most interesting about baby beannie is you can be as creative as you like... an the good thing is.. baby will be cute in any type of beannie. ini topi mickey mouse baru untuk alisha tapi dia tak sempat nak menggayakannya lagi.. hehehe.

untuk buat topi ni sangat mudah. basic untuk buat topi ialah
1. mula2 kita 4 rantai then cantumkan.
2. dalam gelung yg kita dah cantum tu pulak kait 6 DC ( row 1)
3. kait pulak 2 DC dalam setiap dc hingga dapat 12 DC (row 2)
4. kait 2 DC , 1dc , 2 DC selang2 sampai habis dapat 18 DC (row 3)
5. kait pulak 2 DC , 1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc hingga dapat 24 DC (row 4)

ulang step ni hingga dapat saiz yang dikehendaki

2dc 2dc 2dc2dc 2dc2dc

lepas tu terus kait 1 dc dalam setiap dc hingga dapat ketinggian topi yg dikehendaki

then letak je any decoration yang sesuai.

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