Wednesday, October 12, 2011

peaches and cream...always delicious...

hi gals... i just found that my favorite yarn has the is hehehee... silly ...who dont have website this days... currently i just have a few skeins left and i am desperate to have more...and i dont know when my hubby is going to US again... maybe not this year.. so i have to buy it online... but gosh... the price in the website is lots lots more expensive than the price in wallmart. for the cone one my hubby bought it at USD8 but they sell it online at USD11.25 while the skein of 70g my hubby bought at usd1.80 is sell at USD2.80 and sad to say... they just deliver to US and canada only. looks like my dear brother in Rochester has to help me already... but the shipment from US to Malaysia is quite expensive.... i m gonna burn hole in my pocket this month... or may i will buy it next month....kena control budget nih...

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