Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tudung bawal sulam jahitan tangan


at last i manage to finish my very first hand embroidery bawal tudung. Normally the market price is about RM 90- RM 120...(of course la nicer) .I manage to finish it within +-4 hrs(total up, i do it bit by bit) at cost of around 15.00.but i 'm not sure whether i'm using the correct material or not as the girl at the textile store don't really know what japanese voile is.So i just pick something most similar to my own tudung bawal which i wore at that time.But at least it looks the same.

embroidery is something new to me...so some of the stitch look quite loose...actually this among one of my first attempt, i refer to one of the embroidery book i bought few years back. Somehow it get more neat as it go on, the last flower is the most neat one...:)

I'm quite excited right now, and i'm currently wear the tudung with pride. Also cant wait to finish my hand emroidery table cloth. Wait for my next project...."The linen hand embroidery table cloth"

Tudung bawal sulam tangan- what u need

1.cloth- 1 meter voile - peach color-RM 3.80
2.tapestry needle no 2- RM 0.30
3.peach normal sewing thread-RM 1.30
4.sewing needle-RM 0.20
5.minlon biting thread (for hand embroidery)
6.iron on crystal- +-50 beads-5.00

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