Thursday, November 8, 2007

knitted kids top

This is among the first knitted top i made for my eldest daughter 6 years ago.I made this during one of our trip to my hubby hometown in Kota Kinabalu. What i like most about KK is , it is easy to find good quality knitting yarn (especially for garment) at a fraction of cost.The material used for this top is so comfortable and it was my eldest 'special top' for a few years until she cannot fit in it and it has to be passed to the sister (my second daughter, the one you see in the picture). The top is using the basic knitting sticth, just knit and purl.And it is fast to do.When i knit this , it was after i learn how to knit by myself, using internet as my guide.To make it more lovely and presentable, i add crochet lace on the lower edge and arm.

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