Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the cabbage pattern dress

hi all,
how r you gals.. hope everyone is doing fine.. i ve crochet and knit less this few weeks due to several reason. one of it is i injured my hand, ( felt down stupidly at my parents house ,  kids spilt the drink on the floor) on the forth Aidil fitri and  the pain is still there, eventhoug after  massage by a masseur , especially at the elbow join and wrist. having a 2 years old attached to me most  of the time like a koala bear make it worst, i have to use the painful hand  to carry her around when the tantrum started...another reason is i was busy sewing new clothes for my 4 daugthers  for raya and open house after raya..i ve started many project though... but none of them completed ( sounds familiar...:-P )
I ve crochet this dress  about a year ago...  to display it on my yarn shop wall.So many people attracted to this dress but i refuse to sell because i know once i sell it, i will never make another one... the yarn that i use is a high quality ice yarn and fr the dress alone it took 1.5 ball of 100g yarn. i use cotton summer mercerized  yarn for this project.
unfortunately i have lost the pattern i ve print out from the internet 12 years back. Still have the the dress with me , i will try my best to write the pattern and share with  you...

material use: Indonesian cotton
hook no 5 (3mm)

1. ch 110
2.dc in the 4th ch from the hook.


  1. Hi's me,yg pegi shopping hri tu d kdai akak and we talk about the above dress...hehe..yes,nak tunggu kak post pattern dress tu sbb cute sangatla dress tu.and one more thing kak,next time saya mintak kirim yarn dari akak sjala tk paya nk pegi pulau lg.bole kn kak?

    1. boleh... sure.. about the pattern tengah diusahakan ...nanti kalau nak order just comment dari sini atau dari facebook je.. BTW nice to meet you felicia...

  2. Kak visit my blog at

    maybe kak bole comment sikit pasal kasut baby yang saya crochet...


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