Wednesday, September 26, 2012

simple felt flowers

hi how are you doing... hopefully everyone is good  and in the pink of health.Now, with the rainy season around we need to  more cautios  with the change of weather ( sure there will be sick people around to take care of) . two out of four of my kids now down with flu...
today gonna share with you how to make a simple felt flowers. i capture this image when my shop assistant  create the flower. the picture might not be superb but i hope it will help to give some idea on how the flower was construct. have fun to try this at home..:-) .. bye...

1. cut the felt into strip depend on the size of the flower

2. fold the end into the triangle and cut it.

3. you will get the right triangle

4. pull the thread at the base of triangle using running stitch

5. gather 5 triangle using the same thread ( 5 will determine the number of petals. put more if you want more petals.

6. Pull the thread tightly and sew to make a loop

7. some application of the felt flowers

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