Tuesday, August 7, 2012

simply sunhat ( Again?)

Before Ramadhan someone has order storybook hoodie for her 8 months baby. she wanted the baby , name Ilham to wear it in the hospital after the heart operation. oooh... at first i want to reject the order as i always emphasize.. i am a leisure crafter who craft at my own sweet time. i hate taking orders and meeting dateline. But after heard the story about the baby, my heart goes with him and i decided to take the order... the operation was on the 9th of july i just had 1 week to finish it. unfortunately 4 out of  that 7 days i was down  due to fever and diarhea, so left me only 3 days to finish the order. i managed to finish the order and time and send it together with the car pillow ( my first experiment with shape pillow). I really hope the baby and the mother will treasure it. The last news i heard was the baby is still in ICU but stabilized.

so.. this is the leftover yarn. The Lion brand  pound of love yarn my dear darling bought me in US last year served me better that i expected. with just 1 skein of yarn i ve made 2 storybook hoodie sweater , 1 1 for my 2 years old toddler and another 1 for Ilham. I also made 3 big roses for my daughter's teachers day present and a sunhat. With leftover from Ilham sweater i crochet the sunhat. The leftover just enough to make one ( i throw away about 10 meters leftover after the sunhat as i get sick of looking at the yarn for more than 1 year)

 i must admit that i really love this sunhat pattern .. i had made more than 10 of them and still like it. before. I left it to my shop assistant, mira  to decorate the sunhat with any decoration of her choice , but it still look plainly the same after a week. last monday, on Nuzul Quran holiday,  i was at the shop as both of my assistant on leave, only then i had a chance to garnish ( sounds delicious eh..?) the sun hat. i use felt flowers that has been premade by Nurul, my assistant and sew some buttons on it. so tadddaaa.... here it goes the purple pinky sunhat...like it? its available for sale at my shop, very reasonable price.

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