Thursday, July 19, 2012

am so addicted with the hexagon (baby) sweater

dear all...
how are you and how's your day..? with today is just  1 day away from Ramadhan ...i would like to wish all muslim friends RAMADHAN KAREEM and hopefully this Ramadhan will  be a turning point to make us to be a better muslim.

i found a very very easy sweater pattern just a few days ago. actually  i have came across many pictures of this type of sweater but  all this while i thought that it is constructed from many granny square.. hmm... i am quite allergic to grannies ( square..:-) ) as i hate  to assemble the pieces together. But who knows ... it was not made from a rectangle granny square but a hexagon granny that require minimal stitching... to view some of the picture that you can google for this type of sweater click here : many crochet hexagon sweater pattern .

the sweater was made from 2 hexagon ( segienam) . for this one  i make it into 10 rows( round). i use DMC sunto yarn ( exactly 2 balls) cost me RM34 and some cotton ICE yarn i bought many2 years ago for the edge , before my 2nd daughter was born , and now she is 9 years oledy..:-P.... last i manage to use to for something...***sigh**. The size is for 3 to 6 months... can go up more than that if you have a "petite" baby.. 

what i did is, crochet a hexagon
then make another 1. Fold  both hexagon into 2 ( to form half of the sweater). stitch 2 halves at the center back and on top of the sleeves.crochet around  another 5 or 7 rounds to make a colar  and edging... sew a button and ... tadaaaaa... you are done...
This is the diagram of 2 identical hexagons use to construct the sweater 

 i am so addicted with this simple sweater that i keep making a few more... and it is damn fast  , almost like crocheting a hat only...

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