Tuesday, October 9, 2012

toddlers pant ( lazy mummy version)

Last night i just notice that my 2.5 years old  kid has run out of her pants. wow.. she grow up fast and all pants become 3 1/4 in no time. it's about time to replenish the pants. i will share with you all how i sew kid pants in lazy mummy style..:-). first i take one of her pants.
1. I lay down the cloth( fold into 2 ) on the floor.
2. i put the pant on the cloth and secure it with pin enough to make sure that it wont move when i cut it.
3.using water erasable marker i draw outline  of the pants. be sure to  draw about 1 cm bigger that the size you want for the seam allowance.
4. cut throughout the line
5. sew it, across  and  put the elastic rubber ban  in the waist line
6. Taadaaaaa.... done

Note : for the material i use flannel

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