Sunday, January 22, 2012

Storybook hooded sweater

During his last trip to US on sep 2011 , my dear hubby bought this yarn, from a famous yarn manufacturer Lion brand. align with the name the "pound of love" really weighted 1 pound which is eq to 400g and the size was really big... bigger than my hubby's head ( trust me that his head is big enough ...) . The picture on the cover caught my eyes and i search in lionbrand website looking for the pattern that happened to be free ( lucky me ..). this is the link to the pattern and , yes you need to be a free member before you can access the pattern. the pattern is free to download at lionbrand website( . its a simple garter stitch sweater suitable for beginners...
i need to get the sweater done before the trip to universal studio and plan for my baby to wear the sweater with the purple legging on the flight to singapore. the time is limited and yet i was so busy with my paid job at that time.
So i choosed to knit during my trip to and from from work at the red light ( i am a driver not the passenger). It took me 3 weeks to finish and this was the only time i was gratefull that the traffic jam in penang was so bad...:P

The sweater finish at last and eventhough it finish after the singapore trip it is still be very useful especially when i bring the kids to the movie.

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