Tuesday, August 9, 2011

fruit coaster

My eldest daugther is starting to pick up crochet.currently she just know how to crochet in rows...
so last weekend i decided to teach her to crochet in round.Looks like the step confused her and she started to grumble and felt dissapointed. you can read her conflict in her blog : http://alanicrochet.blogspot.com/ . to make her excited i crochet a few fruit coaster for her to see what she can do with round. It help to make her eager to learn it...:-)

i have uploaded a video to share how i made this coaster. the one that i ve uploaded is for green apple coaster but by changing the color you can create the others. the method is just the same.

cara membuat tangkai

cara mencantumkan epal tangkai dan daun


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