Friday, June 17, 2011

my haflway crazziness...:-(

I have bad habit...doing thing halfway... eventhough i said i will finish whatever i have started it usually take me years to finish it. ( but really i still finish whatever i have started..hehehehhe...give some credit to me la...) so... to topup to my halfway craziness and my website programming passion i just created a new website :

, dont ask me why i choose the crest coz i really dont know , eventhough i am sort of not like it i still choose it... really dont know why...but i like the tagline so much ( i created it myself yeah...) : the crafters secret rendezvouz... from small when i started crocheting at the age 12 i dream to have a place.... like a shop but not a shop. it is a place where crafters can gather... have a cup of tea and chit chat while finishing their project... a secret rendezvouz where other people cannot enter... well they can if they want la...:-). but i have no money to setup those kind of place plus i am really buzzy with my paid job, and my family. hmmmm... so website looks like a good idea...
take a peek to the website , but it's still empty now... by and by i will update it. Once i update i will keep you all updated from this blog...


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